Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Plagal Grind

Live at Sammy's

What do you get when Peter Jefferies, Robbie Muir, David Mitchell and Alaistair Galbraith jump on the good ship fuzz boat and tempt us with one album? Well generally people wanting more. So in Oct 2000 the Dunedin docklands prepared themselves for the a one off adventure on the rolling sea that was Plagal Grind at Sammy's. This is the bootleg.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nigel Bunn


Anyone who has heard the classic compilation album Killing Capitalism with Kindness would possibly know the name Nigel Bunn. And that's about all I ever knew of his musical output until stumbling over this on Ebay. Apparently coerced into existence via the pleading whines of Alastair Galbraith, it seemingly spans quite a few years. One of Dunedin's finest bedroom loop/noise masters, I picture him in some sort of Len Lye afterlife with a pleasant grin.

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Monday, April 26, 2010


'Self Titled'

Before the golden age of drone shitgoblets took over every of the known acres, there existed many who had plugged away at simple structures and angles. This is sort of where Sunken sit. A collaboration between Stefan Neville and Anthony Milton. The lovely reed organ has quite a prominence here and Stefan's intercom interplay does it's duty.

This is from around the middle of 2004. When soy was soy not bonbons.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sea Scouts

'Live at the Tote 1995'

So I never actually saw them play. The one time they came to Brisbane I was asleep in a Newcastle gutter. This was recorded by Jen from Go Genre Everything (I think), that's about all I sort of know, Zach's last gig apparently.

But fuck me, how good are their releases.

They all ventured off to play in other bands, mostly as boring as shit.

Enjoy the memories.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Lost Domain

"And Yet the Sea is Not Full..."

The second Lost Domain album I've posted, another 1 track wonderpiece from 2003. I'm not sure of their current status, hopefully their still playing random shows about Brisbane town. Here's the only scribbles from the booklet:

In a dream-sounding memory fuse
a trawl, a sea life, salt & moon-driven,
and here, in our dreams,
are we gaining or losing?

mer, and taken merde.

by the dream lake tidal stops,
the surf scrim distilled,
pooled in essence,
quintessence of us
our dreams, naked
wholly us revealed.

FUCKING HIPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Necks


Part two of the Hurdy Gurdy praise and worthy. This would rank as my second in the list of Neck releases ('Sex' being number one), and certainly not due to any failings. I caught Abrahams last week doing a solo set in a small pub to nobody, was stunning. Many moons ago in the dark bowels of a certain radio station young men did once do 6 hr Necks programming whenever they toured, I partook in a couple of these scrabble and coffee medleys, never had a better time on the faders. The boys (bad pun hey) came in once for an interview and seemed a little perplexed why people did such things...

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Keiji Haino

'Abandon all words at a stroke, so that prayer can come spilling out'

The first in a two part upload of my favorite Hurdy Gurdy pieces, or as in will be called from now on "Find one, send it to me, I'll make you a cake, we'll both laugh at the Spanish".

This double cd was about all I had (apart from 'I said, this is the son of nihilism') prior to live Haino back in the glory days that were What Is Music. Really appreciated the show, had a wondefully small collaberation with Merzbow at the end. This was the Brisbane outing, I missed the much famed Melbourne set that seems to have divided many.

Disc One - 'Click Me'

Disc Two - 'Click Me'